Alkaline Water

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is water with a pH (potential of hydrogen) greater than 7. We can make water alkaline by two types. I broadly divide Alkaline Water in two types, first is alkaline water by adding alkaline minerals to it such and calcium, magnesium, potassium,etc. and the second type is getting alkaline water through electrolysis of water. Both these water may be same on the pH scale but the characteristics are totally different.

By adding minerals you can increase the pH and make water alkaline but the effect on the human body will be far less as the main difference is the structure of the molecule of the water.

In Electrolysis of water, water is split through Direct Current and Alkaline and Acidic water is formed as H+ and OH- ions are created. This process creates a charge in the water and the Alkaline Water gets a negative charge that has, Extra oxygen ¬†one oxygen atom for every one hydrogen atom(OH) whereas other water has two hydrogen atoms (H2O), the more hydrogen, the more acid. There’s two kinds of oxygen, the highly volatile O2 and the stable OH-, stable because it’s mated with an alkaline mineral. Our body needs both kinds of oxygen. The volatile one we use for burning food inside our body and stable OH- oxygen in alkaline water neutralizes free radicals, kills pathogenic microbes inside us (eases the work of our immune system) and acts as a back-up for the energy cycle when we don’t breathe in enough fresh oxygen. The ability of each hemoglobin molecule to carry oxygen is normally modified by altered blood pH . Acidic pH reduces its affinity for O2.

So the Alkaline Water which should be consumed is not only having added alkaline minerals but a combination of both adding minerals as well as alkaline water created through electrolysis process. The results of this Ionized Water are Amazing and Unbelievable, its very fascinating to see the human body respond to illnesses, problems and correct them if we just correct our wrong lifestyle.At Alkwa we use the combination of these both which gives the best results.